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Are you looking to promote a product or your whole company?

Do you want to share news? Or maybe explain something complicated in a comprehensible video?

We do stylish commercials, authentic documentary film, animations, webinars, high-end drone filming and more.

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Screenshots will be replaced by videos soon. 

Contact us if you want to see finished products.

fiction & Commercial film

Commercial and corporate film are umbrella terms for videos made for companies

that want to present or promote something or somebody, or to convey a message.


A corporate film can be made in a dramatic narrative style, but it can also be fictional film or animation.

Some examples are given below. 


documentary & journalism

This ranges from camera journalism (‘camjo’) to film productions.

We’ve made the documentary Rough Diamonds, and filmed and directed for several other documentaries


We know how to capture stories, because we understand them. 

aerial imaging

Aerial photography and filmography, or simply said: drone shoots. 

At first revolutionary, then a little over-hyped. All in all a huge added value to film and literally a new point of view.

Drone shots can be great as establishing shots; or they can be an unmissable part of a story.

Below are stills from videos that we’ve made for several clients, both indoor and outdoor.

information & education

We love making any informative and educational films

Our experience ranges from medicine-use-instructions, history education, cultural heritage and sports techniques and -mentality 

to an educational program for the police on how to work with young cyber-offenders.

We don’t film for scientifically invalid subjects