by redwire media


non-boring portraits


pictures for brands

fine arts

for fine clients


lively events, that is

portrait photography

We love doing portraits differently. 

Once we’ve chosen a concept, style and atmosphere together, we’ll come up with several ideas to discuss.

Our photographer does the rest.


fine arts

For fine clients

We love art that actually tells a story, that is connected to reality.

Graduated cum laude from the art academy, our principal photographer Suzanne is exceptionally strong in artful concepts.

So if you want your company’s philosophy or goals translated into conceptual photographic artwork, contact us.

commercial assignments

Photography for companies. Of course these photo’s can also be conceptual. 

But if you need straightforward high-end photography, we are happy to work for you.

Note that we offer photography from the sky too.


event photography


Getting the right shot at the right moment is an exiting challenge. 

To keep it that way, we only do lively & exiting events.